I turned 23! Its been 2 days, and I’m still recovering from all the birthday debauchery 😀 The festivities started Sunday afternoon, and went on till Tuesday night!
This week has been quite monumental, with my birthday also having been my last day at work. And while I’ve been thinking about growing older, and figuring out where my life is headed next and what I want to do in the coming year, I’ve also put some thought to the idea of age and what is really signifies (or doesn’t). 
I feel we all have expectations of where (in our lives) we are supposed to be at a certain age. And this is mostly impacted by society, our family, and our notion of what we feel is ‘right’. We end up measuring what we have achieved , and what we are yet to achieve. And even though I try not to , I end up comparing myself to my peers- people who I feel are ‘on the right track’. 
Having attended  The Valley School ( started by the J Krishnamurti foundation)  for the greater part of my schooling, this seemed all too familiar. For the 7 years I was at the Valley, it was drilled into us- don’t compare yourselves to others. But this week was the first time, I’ve found this truly relevant to my life. And maybe if we even attempt to live by what Krishnamurti said all his life, this number that we let define us will become far less significant. 
I had a wonderful birthday, with lots of celebration , surrounded by the people I love the most. I hope this year turns out to be as amazing as this last week has been. Details of what I wore in the pictures below. 
Love :)

The dress is from asos.com and similar ones can be found here, here and here.

Dress- Asos; Heels- Aldo

Flower Clip- Forever 21; Earrings- Accessorize


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