An Afternoon with Kiehls

Kiehls India When Kiehls India asked me to host an afternoon for them at their Bangalore store in Phoenix Marketcity , the decision was a no-brainer! Kiehl’s reputation precedes it and the quality of their products is famously impeccable. What followed was an afternoon of polaroid pictures, skin consultations, delicious hors d’oeuvres and lots of catching up with all the blogger babes & lovely ladies who joined me at the store! Everyone who attended got a skincare consultation as well as Kiehls product samples to take home with them so that they could try the products before making a purchase.Personally, for the longest time skincare took a backseat in my priority list (but it did figure somewhere between learning how to bake macaroons and being able to finish an entire DBC within 5 minutes) But lately my skin is definitely something I’ve started paying more attention to. And hence An Afternoon with Kiehls came at a highly apt time. Kiehl’s skin experts took me through an entire skin evaluation, telling me what would work for my skin and what wouldn’t. For someone like me who’s quite clueless in the skin department, the consultation was a blessing in disguise!

I was joined by ladies from the Bangalore Blog Brigade-  Manishaa, Rhyma, Chaitra, Nilu, Farah, Bhavishya, Princy, Nikita and Nandini!  Thank you so much for making it all the way to Whitefield! I hope that everyone who visited had a wonderful time :)

kiehls india kiehls india DSC_8083 kiehls india

kiehls india Kiehls India Kiehls India DSC_8041 Kiehls India kiehls india kiehls india kiehls india DSC_8070 Kiehls india DSC_8058

Photography by Varsha Ramesh

Hair Styling by Jean-Claude Biguine


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