My Asos Sale Picks!

Every fashion girl/boy/person is familiar with asos- affordable, trendy clothing with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Its a one stop shop- when I need to buy something special for an occasion, I know the one site I will DEFINITELY find something is We’ve all been through the process of finding something incredibly cute, of decent quality, AND relatively  affordable (and we all know that these three make the holy trinity of retail). As you place your order, your heart brims excitement as you picture the likes pouring in on your insta #ootd because no one can get enough of you and your chic-ness. But then before you know it, the excitement is all lost. All because of one dreaded email that hits your mail box like a slap in the face- CUSTOMS AND DUTIES. Suddenly those block heel lace-ups don’t seem like such a good idea anymore because with the 30% added duty, they’re hardly a bargain.

But, then I found hope. The silver lining to the dark cloud of customs. The asos sale section!  Every few months, a sizeable chunk of the collection on goes on sale, with a lot of stuff being cheaper than what we get here in India even after adding customs. So when I saw the ‘upto 70% off banner’ on, I thought it would be good to make a shortlist of my favourites from the asos sale for the summer. So here’s a list of basics you can brunch in, everything you need to make a splash at a pool party, and finally a little bit of sparkle for an evening of jazz.

Stuff to keep in mind : PLEASE ADD 30% FOR CUSTOMS AND DUTIES TO ALL THE PIECES YOU BUY. For example, if you find a top for 10 pounds, you may just pay 10 pounds at the time of buying it on the site, but you will get an email within a week- ten days of your purchase asking you to pay duty worth appx three pounds. Also, this email notification sometimes goes into your spam folder, and if you don’t pay the amount within a certain amount of time, your order is returned to So keep a lookout for the email! And if you don’t find it in your inbox check spam/junk/promotions folders.

Happy Shopping :)

1. Pool Party Essentials

asos sale fashion style indian blogger Deepali Kini

1. ASOS TERRIFIC Embellished Wedge Sandals–  £24 appx ₹ 2000

2. Cheap Monday Laylow Cat Eye Sunglasses-  £17.5 appx ₹ 1400

3. Goddiva Multiway Swimsuit– £25 appx ₹ 2000

2. Summer Basics

asos sale fashion style indian blogger Deepali Kini

1. Club L Cold Shoulder Scuba Frill Detail Top–  £16 appx ₹ 1300

2. Truffle Collection Strappy Block Heel Sandal- £28 appx ₹ 2300

3. Vila Denim Button Up Skirt– £18 appx ₹ 1500

3. Bling for Saturday Night

asos sale fashion style indian blogger Deepali Kini

1. ASOS Floral Cupped Bandeau Midi Dress –  £33 appx ₹ 2650

2. Call It Spring Astausien Cut Out Heeled Sandals – £31.50 appx ₹ 2550

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