Of shortcuts and cheat sheets

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Camel Trench Coat : c/o She In (buy it here)

Body Suit : Koovs

Jeans : Gap

Fishnet stockings : Commercial Street (find out where I bought them here)

Heels : Zara (also styled here)

Photography by Gurpreet Kaur

As I sit here writing this post, I feel like I’m constantly lagging behind my schedule. This post was supposed to go out two hours ago, and I still have 3 things to check off my to-do list before heading out tonight. And because I constantly feel like I’m on the run, I’ve been cutting back on what seems most dispensable- time spent choosing what to wear. Fortunately or unfortunately, not wearing something I deem stylish goes against the very nature of my being. So, I’ve built a cheat sheet to looking stylish on the run-

Step 1 : Choose a basic tee in a neutral colour,

Step 2 : Add jeans, preferably ripped

Step 3 : Add a statement layer on top, and then

Step 4 : Accessorize! Choose one or more of the following : sunglasses, watch, statement earrings. light layered necklaces.

Right now, I’m wearing all black- my favourite black skinny jeans, a black layering tee and a long black lace kimono. It actually looks fine, and when I wore my white sneakers and wayfarers earlier this evening, one may have even called it stylish. I’ve been wearing different versions of this same outfit all month long. And so when She In sent across this gorgeous lightweight camel trench, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate my cheat sheet for a look thats blog-worthy. My first instinct was to pair it with this nude bodysuit. And to change this look up a bit, I reached for my fishnet stockings and ripped skinnies. Since I haven’t cut my hair in months, I’ve found that just straightening it out is the only thing that works for it right now. I was ready in 10 mins flat. And what I like about this look is that it seems like I’ve really put in a lot of effort into getting ready, and its mostly because I’ve used one statement piece aka the trench here. So if you’re short on time, I suggest you head to your nearest computer, type out ‘trench coat india’ and get your hands on one soon. It’ll save you a lot of time, believe me.

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