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Take Care with JCB

Sleeping in a little late every once in a while.An excessively long shower after a difficult day.Taking half an hour off work to sneak in a pedicure.Switching off your work phone on a Saturday to finally finish that book. Buying that overpriced sweater because you love how it feels on your skin.

We’re all working in a culture that encourages us to do more- and do it faster and better than everyone else. The last week I feel like I’ve been drowning in job lists and projects that need finishing, essays that need editing, and meetings that need extensive preparation. At the end of a week of truly taxing days, I like to take some time off, and just do nothing. Spend excessive amounts of time on pinterest, give myself a pedicure, listen to some music, and just be- not having to use my brain for anything except wonder whether I need a refill of tea. People have stopped taking out time to take care of themselves- to allow themselves a little luxury from time to time. Luckily, we can always get a little help in the department of pampering and preening from the experts in the field :  Jean-Claude Biguine


The luxury salon chain opened the doors to its new branch in Indiranagar a month ago, and was kind enough to invite me, along with the lovely ladies in my life, to an evening of luxurious pampering.


I got some serious VIP treatment with the Kerastase Chronologiste hair spa- the only Kerastase treatment to work on your hair and your scalp. The treatment consisted of a hair consultation, a hair wash (while sitting on a massage chair. Yes, you read right- a hair wash on a massage chair) , application of the hair product, a hair steam and then finally a blow dry.


What makes the entire treatment truly luxuriant is the product itself- which contains the same nutrients and lipids as caviar (because nothing is more decadent than fish eggs).


My usual hair care routine consists of eating healthy,washing every two days and oiling it every once in  while (much to the dismay of my hairstylist FYI) , and I don’t get hair spas and hair treatments too often  ( read never). I visited the salon on Friday, and two hair washes and multiple gym sessions later, my hair is still ridiculously soft . Like cantstoptouchingit soft. I think Jean-Claude Biguine may have just converted me. The treatment is a tad heavy on the pockets, but they have a wide range of options to choose from, which have different price points, so you can take your pick.

The salon is located on 100 ft road, right next to the Flying Machine store, so keep an eye out for it the next time you’re in Indiranagar and in need of some pampering.

If you do happen to visit or have already visited, let me know how you like it with a comment below :)


Turning 24 with Swarovski- Part 2

Any birthday is incomplete without a big birthday blowout! I turned 24 earlier this week, and went out to celebrate–wearing some fabulous Swarovski jewellery of course!

In my last post you saw how I styled some of Swarovski’s lighter pieces for my birthday lunch. But for the night, I chose to bring on the bling and go all out with Swarovski’s wide range of necklaces and bracelets.



Turning 24 with Swarovski

Birthdays are special- they always are. My oldest memories of my birthdays are cutting butterly- shaped chocolate cake covered in gems with my sister, eating potato chips, drinking fanta and playing musical chairs (all you 90s kids out there, I’m sure this sounds familiar) I turned 24 yesterday (yay!) and the celebrations have changed over the years (tequila shots anyone?) but one thing hasn’t changed- it’s still one of my favourite days of the year.

This year my birthday was even more special since I got to share the sparkle with Swarovski! Their jewellery needs no introduction, and the entire collection is absolutely stunning. I got to spend my birthday wearing Swarovski jewellery and feeling absolutely fabulous, so it really doesn’t get any better than this :)



#DeeperNautical with Lifestyle

 Red. Blue. White. Stripes.

That’s what usually comes to mind when one thinks of nautical themed clothing. When Lifestyle said that the theme of this collaboration was #DeeperNautical I thought to myself- ‘How do you do Nautical differently?”

I’m going to be honest here. I googled ‘Nautical Looks’ before I visited their store to see how I could add a little twist to the theme #sorrynotsorry. But all the exercise did was reinforce my decision to not do the typical striped look. So clueless and a little apprehensive I visited their store. And then when I saw their collection, the task at hand suddenly seemed easier.

deeper nautical 2 (1)


Abraham and Thakore- Collaboration

I went to a different kind of school. No exams, few rules and ,much to the chagrin of some friends, no uniforms. As a teenager, this was a nothing short of a blessing. But I was a little predictable when it came to dressing for school- a fabindia kurta, jeans, a pair of kolhapuri chappals and some junk jewellery was my go-to school outfit. Our school even had weavers so we would buy hand woven fabric in school and have kurtas stitched.

Over the years my tastes have changed, and the number of kurtas in my closet has dwindled, but there are days I wish for something contemporary in design, but traditional in fabric and craft. And this is where the designer label Abraham & Thakore is a perfect fit.

The masterminds behind the designer label are David Abraham, Rakesh Thakore and Kevin Nigli. I was introduced to the label at the opening of their newest store at the Leela Palace on Old Airport Road in Bangalore. And I jumped at the opportunity of a collaboration. I’ve created two looks here – one casual/festive and one which is semi formal.

Look 1- (more…)

The Mauve Unitx- Jewellery Collaboration & Giveaway

Till the 9th grade I used to wear the most bizarre looking clothes. My standard outfit for school ( we didn’t have uniforms) was a loose t-shirt, baggy (read cringe worthy) denim shorts that came just below my knee, and socks with nike sandals. Clothes were worn strictly for practical purposes only.  And then miraculously, when I turned 14, everything changed. And that’s when my love affair with jewellery started. I started collecting all kinds of little trinkets and small accessories & not much has changed in the last 10 years. I still love buying and collecting jewellery. But it can get difficult to find unique  jewellery in Bangalore. So when Neha from The Mauve Unitx wrote to me about the possibility of a collaboration, I was intrigued. And then when I visited her store, I fell in love- with her collection of neck pieces, stackable bangles, gorgeous statement earrings and rings.



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