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Life & Travel in 2017

When it comes to New Year resolutions, nothing beats the cliché of travelling the world. And this year is no different. From backpacking in the Himalayas to travelling solo across South East Asia, everyone around me seems to have travel high on their priority list this year. This year, I’ve joined in all the unoriginality. In my head, this year, I’m going diving in at least 3 different places, spending a month in Europe and ploughing through a decent chunk of my savings shopping in Hong Kong- all armed with unlimited access to my wardrobe unhinged by airline baggage restrictions, but of course.  But first, a little bit of travel across our very own country is warranted. Here are my India travel and style plans for 2017. 

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Postcards from Puducherry

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“A vacation is having nothing to do all day and all day to do it in.”

This quote describes my trip to Pondicherry perfectly! My plan for the day and a half we were there was precisely this- do absolutely nothing. I’ve visited the place before so I had a fair idea of what Pondi is like, but to first timers- read up before you visit. If you’re expecting a place like Goa, Pondi will be a huge disappointment. I thought our trip was perfect- we swam, went to the beach, walked around the French colony ( only as much as the scorching sun would let us). I’ve already visited Aurville once before, so missing out on that wasn’t a bummer.