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Work Wear?

“Do what you love, love what you do. “

Sounds like the anthem of our generation doesn’t it? A thought that’s been plastered across so many motivational posters and self help boards on Pinterest that it’s almost become clichéd. But how lucky are we to live in a generation where doing something that you love that may not be conventional is admired? It wasn’t too long ago that the only acceptable occupations in India were doctor, engineer, accountant and housewife.  And it’s not just occupations that have evolved, workplaces and consequentially work wear have also come a long way.

I spent an afternoon at the collaborative workspace Social Offline– an interesting mix of work and play. Play because it’s a bar that I’m sure most of you have heard of. And work because  in just one afternoon I met some extremely creative people from a plethora of industries and fields. A very big change from the office of the IT firm I interned at as soon as I graduated from college.  I love that perceptions of how a workplace should be and how we should dress at our workplaces are being challenged.  Would I be able to work in a bar? I don’t think so. I need quiet. And a little peace. But I like the idea of it, of interacting with people who are doing things that are so different from you on an everyday basis, all while getting your shit done.



Dastkar Bazaar on Independence Day

Yesterday we celebrated 68 years of Indian freedom. We’re a generation that is lucky enough to be entitled to privileges that our forefathers had to fight for, and I can only imagine the strength, fortitude and sheer courage it took. They fought a battle on behalf of every future generation of this country, and for this I will always be grateful.

I love India’s diversity – in culture, language, and art. I got to celebrate  this diversity on India’s Independence Day  all thanks to Dastkar Bazaar.  Dastkar brings together craftsmen from across the country for a week long bazaar, enabling them to sell their work directly to consumers. Not only does this cut out the middleman and helps these craftsmen financially, but it also helps conserve traditional art forms.


The bazaar is held for a week in Bangalore every year, and I’ve been going for the past decade or so. This year it is at the Manpho Convention Center and is on only till tomorrow, Sunday the 17th of August.

They have workshops, artists performing live music and an array of products to choose from. Over the years the bazaar has gotten bigger, attracting larger crowds and in the process also becoming a little more commercial. But it is still definitely worth a visit. :)

dast 3



dast 2




dast 1










Bombay Diaries : Street Shopping

I love Bombay. I was in the city last week for a wedding and spent a good five days there. It always seems like the proportion of well dressed people is super high in Bombay, with good looking, stylish people everywhere! I’m pretty sure one of the reasons is that you have a lot more options for street shopping in Bombay where you can shop to your heart’s content without breaking the bank.

In the middle of all the wedding madness last week, I managed to squeeze in some shopping at Hill Road and Colaba. Nothing makes me happier than a good bargain 😀 But like a fool I’ve left all the jewellery I bought at Hill Road somewhere and spent the last two hours looking for it :(  So for now I will be content with my colaba loot.


Jewellery Shopping at Hill Road


Colaba Causeway


Bag – Rs 600, Sunglasses- Rs 150
Both from Colaba Causeway



Pants- Rs 150, Bracelets – Rs 100 each
Colaba Causeway

I’m hoping to solve the mystery of the lost Hill Road jewellery, since the stuff I found was really quite pretty :(

Next post on Mumbai food up soon !



I turned 23! Its been 2 days, and I’m still recovering from all the birthday debauchery 😀 The festivities started Sunday afternoon, and went on till Tuesday night!
This week has been quite monumental, with my birthday also having been my last day at work. And while I’ve been thinking about growing older, and figuring out where my life is headed next and what I want to do in the coming year, I’ve also put some thought to the idea of age and what is really signifies (or doesn’t). 
I feel we all have expectations of where (in our lives) we are supposed to be at a certain age. And this is mostly impacted by society, our family, and our notion of what we feel is ‘right’. We end up measuring what we have achieved , and what we are yet to achieve. And even though I try not to , I end up comparing myself to my peers- people who I feel are ‘on the right track’. 
Having attended  The Valley School ( started by the J Krishnamurti foundation)  for the greater part of my schooling, this seemed all too familiar. For the 7 years I was at the Valley, it was drilled into us- don’t compare yourselves to others. But this week was the first time, I’ve found this truly relevant to my life. And maybe if we even attempt to live by what Krishnamurti said all his life, this number that we let define us will become far less significant. 
I had a wonderful birthday, with lots of celebration , surrounded by the people I love the most. I hope this year turns out to be as amazing as this last week has been. Details of what I wore in the pictures below. 
Love :)

The dress is from and similar ones can be found here, here and here.

Dress- Asos; Heels- Aldo

Flower Clip- Forever 21; Earrings- Accessorize