Chocolate Tart

Last week, while making cheesecake, I made too much of the biscuit base ( read about it here) which left me with twice the amount of base I needed. I put the extra away in my fridge, and discovered it a few days later, and this just so happened to coincide with an intense chocolate craving that I was having.

I found some dark chocolate at home, and some regular Amul cream, and voila- a chocolate tart to satisfy my cravings!





Directions :

For the biscuit base, please refer to the cheesecake recipe in my previous post. Press the base into a tart tin and place in the freezer while preparing the filling.

For the filling : It was a tiny tart, and I only had about 150 grams of chocolate. And with that I used about 150 ml of cream. Break the chocolate into pieces and place in a bowl. Heat the cream in a separate vessel till it is just about to boil (make sure the cream doesn’t burn) and pour onto the pieces of chocolate. Stir till all the chocolate pieces have melted, and the ganache is smooth. I added some lemon juice to balance out the intensity of the chocolate and sugar. Pour onto biscuit base and refrigerate. I left it in there overnight just to be safe.

A thin custard would taste really good with this, but I was lazy and just used some whipped cream out of a can to garnish.

Maybe add some almonds, or strawberries on top to mix things up!



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