Dastkar Bazaar on Independence Day

Yesterday we celebrated 68 years of Indian freedom. We’re a generation that is lucky enough to be entitled to privileges that our forefathers had to fight for, and I can only imagine the strength, fortitude and sheer courage it took. They fought a battle on behalf of every future generation of this country, and for this I will always be grateful.

I love India’s diversity – in culture, language, and art. I got to celebrate  this diversity on India’s Independence Day  all thanks to Dastkar Bazaar.  Dastkar brings together craftsmen from across the country for a week long bazaar, enabling them to sell their work directly to consumers. Not only does this cut out the middleman and helps these craftsmen financially, but it also helps conserve traditional art forms.


The bazaar is held for a week in Bangalore every year, and I’ve been going for the past decade or so. This year it is at the Manpho Convention Center and is on only till tomorrow, Sunday the 17th of August.

They have workshops, artists performing live music and an array of products to choose from. Over the years the bazaar has gotten bigger, attracting larger crowds and in the process also becoming a little more commercial. But it is still definitely worth a visit. :)

dast 3



dast 2




dast 1










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