Denim on Denim feat Diesel Jeans India

diesel jeans india

diesel jeans india diesel jeans india diesel jeans india diesel jeans india Customized Jeans : c/o Diesel Jeans India

Chambray Shirt : Tibetan Plaza, Bangalore; Shoes : Zara; Bag : Forever New

Watch : Michael Kors; Sunglasses :Burberry

Photography by Timothy Gama of Lights Camera Smile

For the longest time I wondered what the fuss about designer jeans was all about. I mean, they’re jeans, how different can they be? And then, I got my first pair of Diesel jeans. And believe me, the fuss is totally justified. I cannot describe how amazing the fit of these jeans is (but I will try) For someone who needs to try on at least 5 pairs of jeans before finding one that 1. fits well  2. is flattering 3.has a nice wash , I was surprised at finding a pair after just 2 tries at Diesel.

Diesel invited Nilu and me to come and customize our very own pair of Diesel jeans at the Denim Master Studio. We could choose from silver and gold rivert & spikes, patches and they even had an artist present who was hand-painting jeans! I love me some bling so added gold rivets and studs to my pair. If you follow me on instagram you would’ve seen the videos and updates I put up from the #DenimMasterStudio (if you aren’t following me on instagram, follow me NOWWWW )

Diesel is pretty pricey and these jeans were INR 14,000. Although buying a pair right now seems a little unlikely, five years from now (when hopefully my paycheck will be a little fatter) I will definitely be buying all my jeans from Diesel.


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