Diwali 2016

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Jewellery by The Mauve Unitx

All clothes designed by Sucheta Mitra

Photography by Gurpreet Kaur

Food, family, friends- thats what makes Diwali what it is, isn’t it? But thats the case with most festivals. Barring a few religious rituals, most festivals across the world, are usually about the same thing- spending time with the people we love.

Amidst all the partying, eating and drinking I hope you were able to celebrate what Diwali is truly about – the subconscious misogyny and reinforcement of gender roles inherent in Ram’s actions as a husband and his total and complete disregard for Sita’s sentiments when he banishes her for being ‘impure’.

Jokes jokes. (please don’t kill me) We all know its about love guys.

I hope you were able to spend Diwali with the people you love!

Also- a little about the clothes- playing dress up in jewellery by The Mauve Unitx and clothes by my favourite designer Sucheta Mitra.


Happy Diwali!




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