Diwali Happiness

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So earlier today, my friend Tania Deviah put up this status on facebook.

“Diwali means family fun and holidays to me. I don’t remember it having a religious connotation at all..to me anyway. We were usually this way during Id and Christmas too -even if we didn’t celebrate, we definitely joined in the festivities with friends and neighbours. I miss home and the get togethers , the love and laughter, dad holding fort as the MC, mindbogglingly yum food that my ma and aunts would make, my cousins, crackers and fireworks and beautiful lights. No worship. No good. No evil. Just love.

Love is all you need”

I couldn’t agree more with Tania.Love makes the world go round 😀 Happy Diwali everyone <3


The rain in Bangalore made shooting this post a little difficult. Timothy ( the fabulous and incredible talented photographer who takes all my photographs) and I were free only in the evenings, and every evening at 4 the rain would promptly start, making it impossible to shoot outside in natural light.

And then came a diwali miracle- my neighbour Deepika Lingraj. She offered to let us shoot in her beautiful home ( every time I visit, I fall a little bit more in love with it) . It is almost as if every inch of her apartment is art directed, and the effort and love she’s put in to making her house a home truly shows. She has a fabulous eye for design, which is no surprise since she has her own line of children’s wear- I Candy (you can check out their facebook page here) Thank you Deepika for letting us in to your beautiful home!



This outfit is a little bit special to me, since I’ve chosen every detail of it. It took me a few weeks and countless trips to commercial street to choose the fabric and material for the anarkali but I’m more than satisfied with the outcome. And I had a fabulous designer help me put it all together. So it was quite apt that i wore it for this special Diwali post.





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Wishing all of you a very happy Diwali. I hope your year is filled with love <3

Anarkali : Designed by Anjilli N and myself; Dupatta : Elan Designs

Earrings : The Mauve Unitx; Ring : Surana Jewellers; Bracelet : Virina Subbaiah 

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