In a New York Minute

If someone had told me that I’d be living in New York, and would go nine months without updating my blog, I would’ve called bullshit. But these last few months have flown by in a ‘New York Minute’.
There’s no way I’d be living in the fashion capital of the world and not update my blog. But, then the MBA happened. And along with it came looking for a summer internship, course work, 6563 events that happen on campus evert week, adjusting to a new country and life, ‘networking’ and somehow finding time to cook/clean/workout/manage my shopping addiction on a student’s budget (which has NOT been easy)
 And so blogging took a back seat. But a couple of months ago I had a friend visit for the weekend, and Tobi  had very graciously sent me some clothes, and I thought- this was it. My one and only chance to update my blog. So we took these pictures (after a HIGHLY satisfactory meal at Sarvanaa Bhavan), but if course, I procrastinated and uploaded them only four months late. C’est la vie.
 So here I am, with half an MBA degree, and big plans to continue blogging this year.  
Lace Dress-  c/o Tobi- same here
Bodysuit- c/o Tobi- same here 
Faux Fur Coat- h&m- similar here 

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