Monkey Business

JKP_5729-2 fotor 1 JKP_5758-2 JKP_5848-2 JKP_5753-2 JKP_5780-2 Dress : Missguided Bandeau Fishtail Maxi Dress via,

Earrings : Forever 21; Bracelets : Hill Road

Photography by Jaina Kumar

Hair and Makeup by Tanvi Borkar

Work becomes play when you enjoy what you do and when you have fun people to do it with. And that pretty much sums up my day shooting with Tanvi and Jaina. While I’ve known Tanvi for as long as I can remember (we’re cousins) it was my first time working with her. And not only is she an incredible make up artist (as you can see for yourself) her never ending shenanigans were our source of entertainment for the day. Although I’ve followed and loved Jain’s work with top Indian fashion bloggers, I only met Jaina the morning of the shoot, but we had such good vibes that I felt comfortable with her in no time. (so much so that I was able to ignore the small gathering of men that decided that we were going to be their morning entertainment)

Between stalking rakhi sawant on instagram, eating some ridiculously good food at Woodside Inn and finally ending the day with pedicures and a hair spa (aka a full day of monkey business), we managed to get some work done and shot three looks, this being the first of them.

This dress from Missguided was a bit of a gamble when I found it on sale on, because I knew that it would be tight fitting when I saw it, but I didn’t realise HOW tight it would be. (it was I-can’t-drink-a-glass-of-water-because-I-fear-the-dress-may-rip-tight). Needless to say, I’ve only worn it once aka at this shoot. Would NOT recommend buying it. Mostly because I like drinking water, and I’m sure you do too.

The dress was extremely elegant, and I loved Tanvi’s idea of adding side braids to make the look a little more badass. We shot this at Ballard Estate early morning. And while I love the pictures and feel Jaina’s killed it, I’m a little more partial to the next two looks I shot with these talented ladies (ESPECIALLY the third) all of which should be up soon on the blog :)

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  1. Nilu
    April 24, 2017 at 5:56 pm (2 years ago)

    Mind blown! So gorgeousssss you 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓


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