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Jumpsuit : Zara (similar here);

Crystal Necklace : Zara (similar here);

Belt : Colaba (similar here

Shoes : Zara (similar here)

Singing The Beatles at karaoke. Hot chocolate fudge at Corner House. Wearing black on a Saturday night- some choices are fool proof.

While I can wax poetic about the colour black and how it makes me feel – lets just get down to business.Black is the lazy girl’s choice. Now there’s nothing wrong about getting lazy when it comes to fashion (while I do maintain a healthy interest in my sartorial choices, I can be and often am quite lazy about dressing well on an everyday basis). And on the days I’m feeling particularly lazy, black is always my first choice. Its simple really- black can do no wrong. It goes with anything, on most occasions obliterates the need to wear spanx, and looks good on everyone.

A few weeks ago Gurpreet came over and we shot a couple of pictures as I was getting ready to step out on a Saturday night. I had on all my Saturday night essentials- a black jumpsuit from Zara, Ruby Woo, dangerously high black pumps and my favourite Chanel Chance. Throw in some pearls &champagne and you ready for a soiree straight out Gatsby.

In all probability I will be wearing black next Saurday as well. Along with my Ruby Woo and Chanel Chance. And no, I will not be apologetic for being lazy.

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