Omelette from Outer Space

There is always that tiny cafe or restaurant that you love, that you hope no one else will ever find out about, because once other people realize how awesome it is, the whole world will start going there.

This is exactly what happened with ‘The Hole in the Wall’ cafe. 
It opened when we were still in college, in a garage behind Maharaja hotel in Koramanagala ( the cafe was quite literally a hole-in-the-wall) . Soon enough it became a place we frequented all the time- we bunked our morning classes to eat their warm waffles, went there during our lunch breaks for their club sandwiches, and when they opened up in the evening at 5 30, there we were again, waiting patiently so we could have an ‘awesome sausage sandwich’ or some french toast. Their English breakfast is the most famous, but their sandwiches and burgers are equally good . 
Cut to a few years later- they’ve got a space twice as big ( it’s not really a hole in the wall anymore) , and an ever bigger loyal fan base.
My recommendations for when you visit :
1. Waffles with caramelized bananas ( or pancakes, but I prefer the waffles)
2. The Meaty Cheeseburger
3. The Awesome Sausage Sandwich
4. The Hangover Remedy
Waffles with caramelized bananas
For those of you who wish to eat something healthy, they even have egg white omelettes with spinach ( The Great White) and Freshly sliced bananas with yoghurt, muesli and home-made syrup (below)
Freshly sliced bananas with yoghurt, muesli and home-made syrup
Disclaimer- For people who do not eat egg, this place doesn’t have too many options. But for the others, it is totally worth a trip!

I know that when I visit, I usually eat till I burst, so I wore something a little forgiving 😉

Jersey Dress- Esprit, Sweater- Mango
Chain Necklace- Forever 21
Chain Bag- Mango; Rings- Commercial Street
Leather Flat- Steve Madden

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