Keep that Coffee Hot!

I’m a fan of filter coffee and chai. All these lattes ,cappuccinos and espressos just don’t hit the right spot for me. On a regular trip to any of these coffee shops, I just stick to tea. So when Starbucks opened up in the city a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t waiting in line on the first day to get a cup of one of their much talked about brews. I went much later, thinking I’d be able to avoid all the frenzy and long queues- and boy was I wrong! And after a visit to Starbucks, I now see what the fuss is all about!


Sunny Days

When it comes to food and cuisines, Italian and Indian are on top of my list. There is something so comforting about a bowl of warm pasta in marinara sauce or a really really cheesy lasagna. And Sunny’s  is a household name for Italian food in Bangalore. Although on the pricey side, they serve excellent food- consistently. AND they are pet friendly!

Sunny’s has been around for a while, although in various locations. They recently moved from Vittal Mallya Road to Lavelle Road ( literally a stone’s throw away) and so we went to see the new place.They have converted an old bungalow to a gorgeous two level restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. The old Sunny’s was very well done, and was quite glamourous, but their new space has a charm  and warmth that that was lacking in the old space.
All photographs have been taken by Anoop Nagendra. You can see more of his work here

A Thing Called Love

Last weekend was quite epic for Bangalore music lovers.On Friday evening Above and Beyond played in the city for the second time and NH7 Weekender was over Saturday and Sunday – with lots and lots of artists and stages for all kinds of music genres. I made it to the concert on Friday, but couldn’t go for NH7( really bummed that I missed out on The Raghu Dixit Project , Kailasa, Papon and the East India Company and many many more)

Bangalore’s edm scene has been exploding – just this year we’ve had Tiesto, Hardwell , Swedish House Mafia, Paul Van Dyk and Fedde leGrand all perform in the city (the last two were at Surnburn Bangalore) . And popular opinion is that the Above and Beyond concert at Jayamahal last year has been the best so far.  So expectations were quite high for their second stint in the city.

The extremely talented Anoop Nagendra shot these before I left for the concert.


Fifty Shades of Grey

The name of the post got your attention didn’t it?  I read the first hundred pages of the book, and found it to be a sexist, misogynistic piece of junk, but I couldn’t think of a better descriptor for Bangalore evenings in November.  The evenings and  early mornings are getting chilly, and it was nice to step out and enjoy the weather in an all grey ensemble.


Sweet Escape

I’ve been dreaming of the beach- a lot ( I even spent an hour on pinterest last night looking for pictures of the most beautiful beaches) . This morning I booked my bus tickets to Goa for a vacation next month, so it was perfect that my friend and I decided to grab lunch at ‘Om Made Cafe‘ in Koramangala.

Originally from Anjuna beach, Goa, this cafe can be a quick fix when in need of a vacation. As soon as I walked in, it felt like I’d been transported to a restaurant right by the beach. Its very laid back, and an ideal place to unwind while listening to some reggae.

The ambiance and decor are incredible- the space almost demands to be photographed.

Omelette from Outer Space

There is always that tiny cafe or restaurant that you love, that you hope no one else will ever find out about, because once other people realize how awesome it is, the whole world will start going there.

This is exactly what happened with ‘The Hole in the Wall’ cafe. 
It opened when we were still in college, in a garage behind Maharaja hotel in Koramanagala ( the cafe was quite literally a hole-in-the-wall) . Soon enough it became a place we frequented all the time- we bunked our morning classes to eat their warm waffles, went there during our lunch breaks for their club sandwiches, and when they opened up in the evening at 5 30, there we were again, waiting patiently so we could have an ‘awesome sausage sandwich’ or some french toast. Their English breakfast is the most famous, but their sandwiches and burgers are equally good . 
Cut to a few years later- they’ve got a space twice as big ( it’s not really a hole in the wall anymore) , and an ever bigger loyal fan base.
My recommendations for when you visit :
1. Waffles with caramelized bananas ( or pancakes, but I prefer the waffles)
2. The Meaty Cheeseburger
3. The Awesome Sausage Sandwich
4. The Hangover Remedy
Waffles with caramelized bananas
For those of you who wish to eat something healthy, they even have egg white omelettes with spinach ( The Great White) and Freshly sliced bananas with yoghurt, muesli and home-made syrup (below)
Freshly sliced bananas with yoghurt, muesli and home-made syrup
Disclaimer- For people who do not eat egg, this place doesn’t have too many options. But for the others, it is totally worth a trip!

I know that when I visit, I usually eat till I burst, so I wore something a little forgiving 😉

Jersey Dress- Esprit, Sweater- Mango
Chain Necklace- Forever 21
Chain Bag- Mango; Rings- Commercial Street
Leather Flat- Steve Madden

Killing It- Singh Size!

‘People who love to eat are always the best people’

These famous words by Julia Child couldn’t describe by brother in law, Pavandeep Singh, any better. Always a foodie, he pursued his passion and first love and so was born Tadka Singh!

Tadka Singh, the newest Punjabi fast food restaurant in Bangalore, opened its doors yesterday (you can see their facebook page here)

It has been so inspiring to see Pavan leave a successful family business to open his own restaurant!

My opinions are obviously highly biased, but I think the food is great! They serve authentic, fresh, healthy Punjabi ghar ka khaana . 

Tadka Singh is located on CMH road, opposite the Metro Station-  it is the brightest restaurant on the street and if you’re walking out of the metro station, there is no way the logo can be missed. 

It may have been a little cheesy of me, but I wore the restaurant’s colours to show my support on its first day 😛

Necklace- Colaba Causeway, Bombay

Peplum Top- Forever 21, Orange Clutch- H&M , Black Pants- Forever New;
Gold Bow Flats- Forever 21; Aviators- Only

Pictures of what we ate below :

Mutton Champ
Roti and Ghar ki Dal
Belting some Authentic Matka Kulfi

A very happy me after a full meal (attempting to bust out some bhangra moves 😛 )

If you happen to visit the restaurant , and have any feedback- good or bad, please do mail us at

Love and hugs :))

Dessert Date

My first week of being unemployed is coming to an end, and I must say I really am enjoying it! ( for the time being at least)

Having a dessert date with your best friend on a Friday afternoon is extremely satisfying, especially when its at Spoonful of Sugar, which for us has always been a place of delicious gluttony.

People living in Indiranagar may have heard of it, it is located near the old Hema Stores ( now Nilgiris)

We had the Raspberry and Bailey’s Chocolate Gateaux and  the Strawberry Tart.

 Since it is the Chef’s birthday week, they were giving away complimentary Oreo Sin-Phony bars, which would be my recommendation if you ever visit there!

Sunglasses- Mango; Necklace- Forever New

Post our indulgence, we took a stroll in a park in Defence Colony  and proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon there. (Details of my outfit below)

Scalloped Blouse- Forever New

Boyfriend Jacket- Forever 21
Nude Studded Flats- Steve Madden

Sitting on a bench under a tree all afternoon with good company is highly underrated :)

Black Skinny Jeans- Pepe Jeans


I turned 23! Its been 2 days, and I’m still recovering from all the birthday debauchery 😀 The festivities started Sunday afternoon, and went on till Tuesday night!
This week has been quite monumental, with my birthday also having been my last day at work. And while I’ve been thinking about growing older, and figuring out where my life is headed next and what I want to do in the coming year, I’ve also put some thought to the idea of age and what is really signifies (or doesn’t). 
I feel we all have expectations of where (in our lives) we are supposed to be at a certain age. And this is mostly impacted by society, our family, and our notion of what we feel is ‘right’. We end up measuring what we have achieved , and what we are yet to achieve. And even though I try not to , I end up comparing myself to my peers- people who I feel are ‘on the right track’. 
Having attended  The Valley School ( started by the J Krishnamurti foundation)  for the greater part of my schooling, this seemed all too familiar. For the 7 years I was at the Valley, it was drilled into us- don’t compare yourselves to others. But this week was the first time, I’ve found this truly relevant to my life. And maybe if we even attempt to live by what Krishnamurti said all his life, this number that we let define us will become far less significant. 
I had a wonderful birthday, with lots of celebration , surrounded by the people I love the most. I hope this year turns out to be as amazing as this last week has been. Details of what I wore in the pictures below. 
Love :)

The dress is from and similar ones can be found here, here and here.

Dress- Asos; Heels- Aldo

Flower Clip- Forever 21; Earrings- Accessorize


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