Pelum Love : Part 2

Time for some more peplum loving!

I LOVE dressing up for a Saturday night- even it is for a place like Monkey Bar.

This next outfit features two of the pieces I mentioned in my wardrobe essentials- Nude Pumps and the Lace Peplum top (something girly)

I wore this on a relaxed Saturday night at Monkey Bar with a couple of friends from college. Was I overdressed? Yes. But three Mangas later I honestly didn’t care.

The peplum top was bought on sale at Forever New. I love the sales there, but I never find my size. So I found this in a size bigger, and altered it at home.

My favorite part is the back of the top with the lace bodice.

Lace Peplum Top- Forever New, Black Leggings : Forever New

Nude Pumps: Aldo
Quilted Bag : Mango ; Gold Watch : Michael Kors (c/o my sister)

Ring : Forever 21; Earrings : Forever New

Peplum Love : Part 1

One of my favourite silhouettes is the peplum. I fell in love with it when my mother bought me a black peplum blouse from Benetton three years ago, before I knew what the peplum even was! I have quite a few  pieces in this style, and so we’re going to have a week full of peplum- three outfits, all featuring the peplum!

Peplum Dress- Zara; Shoes : Zara, Necklace :  Forever New;  Watch : Fossil;  Knot Clutch : Bottega  Veneta

 This dress is extremely flattering and is versatile. It can be worn on a night out, or for an elegant brunch.

A dress of a similar style can be found here.  http:/

At 6 inches, the Zara heels are the highest I own, but the platform in the front makes sure your feet don’t hurt as much as you’d think.
The shocking pink Knot Clutch adds a pop of colour to the outfit.

Since the dress is very simple, the accessories make the entire look come alive!

Lots more peplum love coming up… Stay tuned !

21st Century Shopping Spree!

I’ve never been much of an online shopper. When I buy a piece of clothing, I usually spend about 10 mins in the trial room, pondering over the size, if it fits well, if it is worth the money….you get the gist.

So you can imagine why I haven’t been too comfortable shopping online. I never know which size to get, never know what the fit will be, and I don’t like the idea of paying for something and having it reach you a week later. I guess I’m typically Indian- We’re not comfortable buying stuff online.

But off late there have been some great sites which I’ve come across, which have helped me get over my mind block.

So here are some great finds from these sites- some are  discounted merchandise, and some are great pieces that I’m not sure we’d find on a normal day of shopping.

1. Cupidity Bag- INR 2,045 ; 2. Nike t-shirt- INR 757 ; 3. Neon Love, Little Miss- Out of Stock ;
4. Sher Singh Skirt- INR 999 ; Done by None Sandals- INR 1,299
Images property of respective sites. 

1. : My first buy from here was a blue sling bag from Cupidity. A great buy from Cupidity on sale on Rooja right now is this black chain sling bag. It has a little bit of an edge, and would look great with oxblood jeans, a leather jacket and black patent heels.

Buy Here

2. :  Myntra always has great deals. Just last week I ordered this t-shirt from Nike , and it was delivered to my home in a day. Not-bad-at-all! Plus I got 50% off.

Buy Here

3. Little Miss : A small venture started by a student and her mother, this site has some great stuff! They work with Indian textiles and have outfits that really suit the weather we have here. Right now everything seems to be out of stock on their site, but hopefully they will have fresh stock soon! If you’re from Bangalore, you may have caught them at the last Sunday Soul Sante where they had their neon range on display.

4. Sher Singh : Sher Singh was a standalone brand/site earlier, but now they sell exclusively through Myntra. Sher Singh is a desi prep line- ‘of the classic cricket lifestyle’. My first impression was that it was the Indian Polo. But great stuff none the less. My favourite piece from their ‘Lisa Loves’ Collection is this pastel blue high-low skirt.

Buy Here

5. Done by None : Is a brand that is available only online. The founders describe the brand as “Dedicated to the truly original fashion explorer”. I’m not quite sure what that means, but they have a great line. Currently, I’m crushing on these white studded sandals ( and waiting for pay day to finally get them)

Buy Here

Tell me, what are your favourite online shopping destinations?

Start NOW!

Welcome to A State of Style!

This blog is a New Year’s resolution finally getting a start… (in the end of May!)

Since this is blog post numero uno, I figured we’d start with the basics.

Everyone has their own list of wardrobe essentials… here is mine!

1. A really great pair of blue jeans : I LOVE the jeans at Mango. A plain blue pair of jeans with a great fit are really the best kind. And if you buy them at the sale, they don’t work out to be too expensive.

Find them here

2. Classic Nude Pumps : Can’t go wrong with these. I picked up a pair from Aldo a couple of years ago, but can’t get myself to wear them for more than a couple of hours. No pain no gain right?

Fine them here

3. Something Girly : I’m a sucker for lace. And anything peplum. So you can imagine why I fell in love with this at the forever new store last weekend. Plus it was at 40% discount. SCORE!

Find here 

4. A layered gold chain : Nothing makes me happier than a great bargain. Bombay is one of my favourite places to street shop, and this was a great find on Hill Road. I bought it 2 years ago, and it is still in great shape!

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