Instinct with Lifestyle Stores

Idle afternoons in the pool. Water fights on my cousins’ terrace. And lazy days spent at home, letting lethargy get the best of us, school and homework a distant memory. Summer truly is a wonderful time!

Unfortunately for us, summer vacation from work is not too popular a concept amongst employers in general. Trifle afternoons have now been replaced by work and meetings and we’re expected to be as productive in this stifling heat (it’s quite absurd if you ask me) Luckily for me (and all other fashion lovers) we have summer fashion to drown our sorrows in. It’s easy to find solace from the heat in pastels prints and short shorts.

When it comes to summer, its easiest to go back to the basics and just go with your instincts . When I think of summer style, I instinctively think of denim cut offs & indigo and of course light, easy pastels. For this post I’ve teamed up with Lifestyle Stores and styled two looks- Indigo Instinct: pairing classic blue with tan accessories; and light, bright pastels for Pastel Instinct.

The collection at Lifestyle was incredible, and I especially loved all their accessories. It was love at first sight when I spotted the silver coin tribal necklace styled in Indigo Instinct and the white dress (worn as a cape) styled in Pastel Instinct. And here’s the best part- I’m teaming up with them to make sure you also get the best of summer style 😀 Head to my instagram to win gift vouchers worth INR 3000!

Let me know what you think of the looks in a comment below :) And a big thank you to Gurpreet for taking these pictures! You HAVE to take a look at her work here

lifestyle summer collection (more…)

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