Pop Up Success!

Last week was a week of firsts- reason being, I hosted my first Pop Up store with Cupidity Bags and Pipa+Bella jewellery (yay).  I went to Chickpet for the very first time in search of perfect packaging and sure enough got lost. I hauled tables across town for the first time to save on transportation costs only to later realise that maybe I would’ve been better off paying the transport fee.  And also for the first time, I scoured through Indiranagar for paperwallas in search of the perfect carton box, alas, to no avail. But, in the middle of all of this madness, it  was also the first time I had an idea and executed it on my own till the very end. Agreed, the scale was small, and it was really not that difficult to organize. But it was something. It was a start.

main look

image (5) image (4)

On the day I wanted to keep my look summery so I chose a maxi skirt from Forever New and wore it with a black zara tank and a gold belt. I’m wearing Cupidity’s Black Lace Sling which was on sale at my Pop Up Store and was quite a hit .

Some of the other pieces I really liked are :

tiered gem collar necklace

pink crossbill


And lastly and most importantly, here are some of my (hopefully) happy customers :)

Untitled design (2)

Here’s to starting something new :)


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