Red Velvet

When it comes to Valentines Day, I’m pretty neutral– I don’t have the sudden urge to watch multi starcast romantic comedies, nor do I rant about the commercialization of the day while imagining cupid’s head on the bulls eye of a dartboard. But I saw this on Pinterest the other day as a  Valentines Day card, and I thought to myself what better way to celebrate the Day of Love than with the one thing that I will always love- cake!


And red being the colour of the season, there was but one obvious choice- Red Velvet!


I followed this recipe by Martha Stewart – only change was that instead of buttermilk I used an equal amount of home-made curd. Turned out just fine. And I crushed a little bit of one cupcake and used the crumbs to decorate the rest. The icing was really soft, and couldn’t be piped, so we just spooned it on top of the cupcakes.



The cake comes out really soft and moist and literally melts in your mouth. And the cream cheese has a nice tang that balances out the cake’s sweetness. Overall result- big win!

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