Start NOW!

Welcome to A State of Style!

This blog is a New Year’s resolution finally getting a start… (in the end of May!)

Since this is blog post numero uno, I figured we’d start with the basics.

Everyone has their own list of wardrobe essentials… here is mine!

1. A really great pair of blue jeans : I LOVE the jeans at Mango. A plain blue pair of jeans with a great fit are really the best kind. And if you buy them at the sale, they don’t work out to be too expensive.

Find them here

2. Classic Nude Pumps : Can’t go wrong with these. I picked up a pair from Aldo a couple of years ago, but can’t get myself to wear them for more than a couple of hours. No pain no gain right?

Fine them here

3. Something Girly : I’m a sucker for lace. And anything peplum. So you can imagine why I fell in love with this at the forever new store last weekend. Plus it was at 40% discount. SCORE!

Find hereĀ 

4. A layered gold chain : Nothing makes me happier than a great bargain. Bombay is one of my favourite places to street shop, and this was a great find on Hill Road. I bought it 2 years ago, and it is still in great shape!

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