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Untitled collage (1) JKP_-6153 JKP_6010 Untitled collage JKP_-6096 JKP_6116 JKP_6009 Lehenga : Sucheta Mitra

Crop Top, Heels : Forever 21

Necklace : Accessorize

Bracelets : Accessorize & Hill Road

Hair & Makeup : Tanvi Borkar

Photography : Jaina Kumar

 Last week I joked to two of my closest friends that I needed to start getting clothes made for their respective weddings. One of them bit my head off. The other told me to ‘just shut up ok’. Its not that they don’t want me to look good at their weddings; its because they are very much single, and are not getting married anytime soon. But I find the task of finding good, affordable Indian ethnic wear in Bangalore so gargantuan that it would probably take me years to get the clothes made.

Not that there is any dearth of ready-made Indian clothes in Bangalore, I just find that the stuff one finds within my budget is usually, for a lack of better words- butt-ugly.  The stuff that I do end up liking is usually EXORBITANT (aka super exclusive designerwear) And so I painstakingly go buy fabrics, buy borders, design the outfit myself and get it stitched. (like this outfit that I shot for Diwali a few years ago) At  friend’s wedding last December, two of the five outfits I wore were borrowed from my sister + friends + cousins, one of them I had made at my sister’s wedding and one of them the lovely designers Alpa and Reena gifted me for walking in their show. But I didn’t get any new clothes made because I didn’t have the time or the energy to spend hours on commercial street, make multiple trips to the tailor and wrestle with aunties at Mysore Saree Udyog.

Luckily, I think I’ve found an solution to my problem- befriend a ridiculously talented designer who gets your style and loves doing what she does. Meet my friend Sucheta Mitra aka Sucheeeeee. I saw this lehenga hanging in her room and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! The contrasting colours, the embroidered waist band and the floral layer under, and the pastel tones were so distinct. My favourite part of the skirt was most definitely the bird embroidery on the skirt. (You can get in touch with Suchee via her instagram account here and see more of her outfits that I’ve featured on the blog here)

This was also the second look I shot with Tanvi Borkar and Jaina Kumar in Mumbai last month. Our third look is going to be out soon so stay tuned :)

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