The Kardashian Way

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Crop top & Statement Earrings : Forever 21; Faux Leather Skirt : Tibetan Plaza, Bangalore

Shoes : Forever New; Watch : Michael Kors

Photography by Gurpreet Kaur

The Kardashians are everywhere. On our instagram feeds & computer screens, on the runways of fashion weeks across the globe, and sometimes even in the pages of newspapers we read (if the last one is an affirmative, I beseech you, switch to The Hindu)

Yet, I must (begrudgingly) admit, the Kardashian clan’s got style. No one rocks monochrome co-ords and leather like the sisters whose curves launched a thousand gluteal implants. I took a page out of their style repertoire and went for an all nude, crop top + faux leather look for this shoot. The outcome was (surprisingly) quite pleasant. When I bought this crop top on a whim at a Forever 21 spree with my sister, I didn’t picture wearing it anywhere but in Goa or a different tourist destination where scantily clad women aren’t few and far between. BUT paired with a high waisted skirt, it does seem quite wearable even here in namma ooru. The skirt I’m wearing makes sitting down a task in itself (things can quickly escalate into a free show if due diligence isn’t done) but once you get the hang of it, the skirt is really quite flattering. The conclusion of this sartorial expedition was that even those of us not blessed with the curves (or access to world class plastic surgeons) of the Kardashians, can rock the crop top+fitted skirt combination with finesse.

I must also add, if any one you’ll are wondering about the sudden decrease in  my body fat percentage,no- I did not have liposuction. I fell a little ill last month and was forced to live off a drip for a little less than a week. The experience left me five kilos lighter and mostly just hungry. Kids, food is life. Never forget that.

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  1. Anoop Nagendra
    June 2, 2016 at 12:10 pm (3 years ago)

    Love the photos! and that yellow wall!!


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