Under the bright lights

PicMonkey Collage3 JKP_-6249-3 JKP_6220 PicMonkey Collage2 JKP_6222 JKP_6209

Photography : Jaina Kumar

Hair & make-Up : Tanvi Borkar

Styling : Yours Truly ( wearing Sucheta Mitra, Zara, Steve Madden & Accessorize)

Collaborations have become quite jaded in the world of ‘influencer marketing’ these days. What it truly means is the coming together of talent to create something beautiful. What it has become is a bit of a farce- an exchange of material goods for a few a few kind words or a perfectly framed image (not that I’m above the system- guilty as charged!)

But for the first time in a long time, I felt like a truly collaborated with Tanvi and Jaina on these set of images. I adore them (the people and the images :) )

Here’s to more co-creating and collaborating!


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